But did you break? [Ross Blankenship] #038

Ross Blankenship shares his inspiring story of finding God to overcome his addictions and restore his marriage. He spoke about his journey to sobriety, which led him to Hope Quest, a rehab facility in Atlanta, Georgia. He shared how he struggled with addictions for years and how it affected his personal and professional life. He also opens up about how his double life was affecting his marriage due to addictions. But Ross found hope at Hope Quest, where he got help to overcome his addiction and turn his life around. He also talks about how God’s grace was exemplified through his wife during his time at Hope Quest, which helped him find brokenness over sin and freedom in Christ. He shares how his relationship with Jesus is healing him and his marriage. Overall, Ross’s story is one of hope, redemption, and the power of Jesus. He inspires others struggling with addiction and shows that overcoming even the most demanding challenges is possible with the proper support and knowing Jesus.

Finding strength in vulnerability [Tyler Churchman] #037

On this episode of The Hope Over Coffee Podcast, we are honored to sit down with Tyler Churchman, a survivor of addiction and suicidal thoughts. Tyler shares his journey with vulnerability and honesty, inspiring us all to find the strength to overcome struggles through our faith. Through his story, we learn that hope and healing are possible even in our darkest moments. Tyler’s journey has taught him the importance of reaching out for help and the power of community in overcoming addiction and suicidal thoughts. In this episode, we discuss the harmful stigmas surrounding mental health and addiction and how we can work to break down these barriers to help those struggling. Join us for a powerful conversation as we find hope in Tyler’s story and learn how we can help others on their journey to recovery. Be sure to share this episode with anyone who may need to hear Tyler’s inspiring message. Thanks for listening to The Hope Over Coffee Podcast.

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Fear to Freedom [Chris Walker] #036

In this compelling and inspiring podcast, join Chris and me as we share our journey of overcoming our fear to freedom in our faith in Jesus while conquering a porn addiction. We share our struggles and how living in a community can hope, healing, and strength to break free from the chains of addiction. Through Chris’s story, we explore the link between addiction and fear and how true freedom comes from trusting in God and renewing our minds with the truth of his word. We share practical tips, tools, and strategies that helped us overcome our addiction and live a life of freedom. The vulnerability, honesty, and transparency will inspire and encourage listeners struggling with addiction, fear, or other life challenges. Join us in this powerful podcast as they share their triumphs, lessons learned and faith journeys.


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