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What is Hope Over Coffee?

Hope Over Coffee is a culmination of life-changing events and situations that led me to draw nearer to God. As I got closer to Him, I finally began understanding what it meant to be genuinely broken over my sin. So, through working out my salvation and pursuing Christ, I had a calling to help men who struggled as I did. I was stuck in addiction and bondage to the things I did not want to do. But I felt as if I could never be free from it. Now I do have freedom. I can say no to things that I don’t want to do. I can pursue a life worthy of Christ. It took work. It takes work! I won’t arrive until the day I see Jesus face to face. However, I want other men to have that same opportunity and encourage them to end the shame of sin in their lives. To lay their addiction down and know Jesus in a relationship. Do I have to stay in the fight and battle over my mind to not go to pornography anymore? Yes! But living my life in the pursuit of Jesus is worth all the struggles that come my way. And I want the same for you!

Hope Over Coffee

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Hope Over Coffee exist to stir the soul of men who are searching for more in life.